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Eating Right To Better Your Heart Health

  Getting into the habit of a healthy eating schedule can reduce your risk of heart disease. If you don't have a healthy heart your risk of disease grows. Maintaining a healthy diet is easy enough especially when you have so much to gain from it.   For more...

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Why Energy Balance Is Important For Your Heart Health

  Energy balance is very important for keeping a healthy, stable weight. The calories or energy you get from different drinks and food is used to balance your energy. Your body utilizes the use of things like digesting your food, becoming active physically, and even...

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The Risks of Bad Heart Health

  There are many risks that come included with bad heart health, that of which include Aneurysm, which is a bubble in the arteries that can rupture and cause dangerous amounts of bleeding. As well as the highly known and feared Cardiac Arrest. The pain can be...

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Heart Health – Kawasaki Disease

  There is a rare, but deadly childhood heart disease known as Kawasaki Disease. This disease is a form of condition called Vasculitis, which causes inflammation of the blood vessels. This can cause blood clots and serious heart problems in the Coronary Arteries. To...

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Better Your Eating Habits For Your Heart Health!

  To most people it is no surprise that eating better can keep you healthier. Though, most people don't know that it can increase blood flow throughout the body. This can help with past ailments, and also raise the chances of not becoming sick by. For more information...

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Oxygen Therapies and The Ozone Sauna

  The use of a sauna is important in any detoxification program. The sauna will increase the cleansing capacity of your skin by stimulating your sweat glands. This will also promote healthy skin tones and texture because of increased blood flow. Using steam the ozone...

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Keeping Your Heart Health In Shape

  Sometimes keeping your body in shape can be stressful and bothersome. Though, without it there are many processes of the body that cannot work well. Having a healthy weight is important because it can keep you protected from different types of diseases, conditions,...

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What Obesity Can Do To Your Heart Health

  Obesity is becoming a wide spread problem that many people in America have a problem with in today's society. Being overweight is having excess fat, and bone mass that increases body weight. This can reduce your ability to fight diseases. Because your heart is a...

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Not Everyone With Lyme Disease Develops A Rash

  This disease is often characterized by the bull's eye rash known as Erythema chronicum migrans, which appears at the site of the infected bite. This rash can take from three days up to a month to occur after the bite. According to the Center for Disease Control,...

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